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Class Schedule


​Student Instructions


How to register:

1) Sign up in person

2) Online registration

3) Whatsapp reservation (9165 0880)

Within 3 days after registration, you need to visit Yau Ma Tei or Wan Chai store for payment or electronic payment, overdue will be regarded as cancellation, you need to re-register

For online registration, please provide the relevant proof of payment, together with the online registration notice (or write your name, phone number and course number), whatsapp 9212 5884 or email to during office hours. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am~5:00pm (closed on public holidays)

If you reserve your booking twice without paying or calling to cancel, you are no longer eligible for the reserved seat in the future.

(The tuition fees for different classes should be paid separately. That is, if a student enrolls in multiple different courses, the tuition fee must be paid according to each class)

Payment method:

1) Cash, Octopus, EPS, Visa, Master, WeChat, Alipay (only available in stores)

2) Bank transfer (Online registration only)

     Bank of China   : 012-791-2-009253-2

 3) FPS : (Online registration only)

1)    Students need to bring receipts to class; if paying by transfer, remember to bring the original bank deposit slip and payment confirmation, otherwise our company have the right to refuse this person to appear in court

2)     Students need to bring their own aprons and stationery for copying notes

3)    Individual courses need to bring their own cake molds / batch molds, which are marked in the course content. The cake mold must be 6" (15cm), preferably with a movable base, no borrowing

4)     Classrooms will be open 5 minutes before class, please attend on time

5)     Students who are late for half an hour will be disqualified from attending the class, and tuition fees will not be refunded

6)     Students please leave the classroom within 5 minutes after the class ends

7)    Students cherish all the facilities and utensils in the classroom. If there is any damage, they must compensate according to the price

8)   Students should not leave the classroom without permission during the class. If you need to buy products, you should buy them before or after class

9)     All course content is copyrighted by our company and may not be reproduced, distributed or adapted online. If it is found that the company will reserve the right to investigate

10) The tuition fee paid is per person, please do not bring relatives or friends to the class

11) Except for finished products, all students are prohibited from recording, photographing or video-recording in class without the consent of the instructor

12) If the reported course does not reach the number of students, the shop will call to notify the cancellation of the course. Students can register for the course with the same tuition fee or refund the full amount with the receipt.

13) When necessary, the center may change the content or instructor of the original course without prior notice

14) Arrangements for typhoons:
     a. Typhoon No. 8 may be hoisted within two hours before the start of the course, or the Observatory may have to change it two hours later. Typhoon No. 8, classes will be cancelled
     b. Courses that started two hours after the typhoon No. 8 was lowered, will continue as usual
     c. Hang the No. 8 typhoon during the course, the course will be completed within half an hour, no Make up lessons
     Example: The No. 8 typhoon is removed before 5:00 p.m., and the class starts at 7:00 p.m.

15) Arrangements for Black Rainstorm Warning (Black Rain)
     a. The class will be cancelled if it rains within two hours before the class starts
     b. When the black rain comes, the course in progress, as usual
     c. Courses that started two hours after the black rain will be cancelled and will continue as usual
     Example: The black rain signal is removed before 5:00 pm, and the class starts at 7:00 pm as usual

16) Typhoon Signal No. 3 or Red Rain, all classes will continue as usual

17) After the degree is confirmed, students can apply for a free transfer once
18) The transfer procedure must be done at least 4 days before the start of the class, bring the original receipt and go to the store in person, otherwise it will not be accepted

Example: The start date is March 20, and the deadline for applying for class transfer is March 16)

19) If you need to change classes again or change classes within 4 days before the class starts, a fee of $60 will be charged each time. The class change will not be accepted on the day of the class

*If the course is cancelled due to typhoon and black rain, the paid tuition fee can be used to apply for other courses without refund*

*If the student is unable to attend, someone else may attend instead*

As long as the number of people is 6 or more, we can open courses for you according to your requirements, and then open enrollment if the number of people reaches 12, we can book classes, and have a space that is completely yours, allowing you to spend time with friends or colleagues happy hour!

My Cake Card

My Cake Card

Students will receive a stamp (stamped on the card during class) for each practicum course completed
Get 20% off tuition for 1 lesson with 5 stamps, and 1 free lesson with 10 stamps, except for courses of $330 or above.
My Cake Card has no expiration date and can be used forever

Discounts with My Cake Card:
A card with 5 or 10 stamps must be presented at the time of registration. Payment must be made at the store (bank transfer is not accepted, because My Cake Card needs to be checked immediately)

My Cake Card sample front.png

優惠 2: 二人同行計劃


> 兩人做一份材料,只需加$100

> 參加者可攜同一名6歲或以上的同行者參加

> 適用於 $370或以下的課程(節日課程除外)

1. 如以電話或親身報名,請於報名時,清楚向職員說明享用此優惠。

2. 同行者之學費($100)恕無 MY CAKE CARD 或 VIP 咭折扣優惠。

3. 此優惠必須於報名時登記,恕不接受後補或即場報名。

4. 每班的優惠名額視乎收生人數而定,額滿即止。

5. 優惠2和優惠3不能同時使用。

My Cake Card sample back.png


優惠 3: 親子同行計劃


> 親子做一份材料,只需加$100

> 參加者可攜同一名6至17歲的同行者參加

> 只適用於課程名稱後有*的課程

1. 如以電話或親身報名,請於報名時,清楚向職員說明享用此優惠。

2. 同行者之學費($100)恕無 MY CAKE CARD 或 VIP 咭折扣優惠。

3. 此優惠必須於報名時登記,恕不接受後補或即場報名。

4. 每班的優惠名額視乎收生人數而定,額滿即止。

5. 優惠2和優惠3不能同時使用。




上課時間:11:00am - 9:30pm
成  品:6吋蛋糕 或 特別註明 
上課地點:油麻地 / 灣仔店
人  數:最少6人
費  用:12人             ---- 課程學費 95 折
                   12人或以上  ---- 課程學費待議
報      名:須於上課前40日預約,請Whatsapp 9165 0880
備          註:自組/包班課程不可與VIP優惠或印章優惠同時使用。節日前自組/包班課程費用稍有調整, 不作另行通知

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